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Since 1983, CEO David Straight of Eagles Nest’s Homes and his Independent Representatives have assisted thousands of people around the world achieve their dreams of home ownership.

These Prefabricated Homes/Factory Homes are fully engineered using the latest CAD-CAM technology while using materials far superior to traditional “stick or site built“. Precise plans and specifications are produced for each system of the building process including walls, floors, stairs and roofs. These components are then fabricated under strict quality control conditions by a highly experienced work force. Most importantly, design flexibility is maintained; if a home can be “stick or site built”, it can also be panelized. Panelized structures are considered “site built”; therefore, they receive the same financing benefits of site-built homes.

With our pre-manufactured technology, your commercial structure can be panelized. From churches, restaurants, condominiums, duplexes, daycare centers, night clubs and offices are just a few of our commercial structures.


  • Solution to costly on-site stick-built homes
  • Completely built in climate control production
  • Green Technology
  • Built to fit any budget 
  • Shorter construction time
  • Durability and air tight (energy efficient)
  • Less man-hours required
  • Less clean-up time
  • Eliminate onsite theft of unattended materials
  • Worldwide shipping

Eagle’s Nest Homes of Arizona is proud to represent Eagles Nest Homes and offer dozens of fabulous house plans all using proven, quality panelized construction, that could save you thousands of dollars in labor costs by getting your new home up weeks sooner than standard on sight building. Each floor plan offers unlimited interior design possibilities to express your individuality.  If you do not see the home and/or floor plans you desire amongst our selection; you have the option to provide our professional team with your own rough plans, designs, and material selection.

Click on the link below to browse the homes and floor plans. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Eagle's Nest Homes of Arizona via email or telephone. 

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